About CrowdMed

CrowdMed (www.crowdmed.com) is a San Francisco-based startup that harnesses the wisdom of crowds to help patients find the right path to a cure.

After graduating from Y Combinator in Winter 2013, the company has raised over $3.5M in venture capital from top-tier Silicon Valley venture funds NEA, Khosla Ventures, Greylock Andreessen-Horowitz, SV Angel, and more to build a medical crowdsourcing technology that quickly, accurately, and inexpensively solves difficult medical cases online.

CrowdMed has enjoyed hundreds of media features and successfully lead 1500+ real-world patients closer to a correct diagnosis or cure, in a tiny fraction of the time and cost of the traditional medical system. CrowdMed’s clinical success and impact on medical costs and outcomes have been studied by medical researchers at UCSD, Baylor, Scripps, and NYU, and published in multiple peer-reviewed academic papers. The company is now partnering with several major US and international health plans to make our platform available to millions of patients around the world.

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